We sell homes not houses

We sell homes not houses

I was driving back home from showing houses all afternoon on Saturday and I started thinking about the difference between the words house and home.

We sell homes not houses

Is there really that much of a difference I asked myself?

The answer is yes. There is a huge difference. I discovered that we sell homes not houses.

A house is simply a building made of wood, nails, brick or other masonry. It’s finished out with windows and doors, carpet and tile, sinks and tubs. There’s not much to it other than that. It’s an empty shell waiting for someone(s) to fill it.

But a home … ahhh…a home, that’s completely different. A home is where you lay your head at night, where your family eats dinner around the table. It’s where your children study, where you may work, and where your friends come over for tea. It’s not just a building or a house. It’s the place you fight and make up, create families, build memories, and then share them with each other again and again. Home is meant for Christmas and Easter celebrations, birthday parties, and family movie nights. It’s the place we want to return to at the end of a long trip. Home is where friends are always welcome and children throw open the door at the end of the school day and yell, “I’m home!” It’s where we live, play, and are the most comfortable. It’s the only place (really) that you can run around in your pajamas all day and no one is offended or judgmental. It’s where some of us school our children (in our pajamas no less) and where we dance around the furniture in the middle of the night to soothe a crying baby. It’s lived in, comfortable … like your favorite pair of jeans that fits just right. THAT is home. That is what we all dream of, wish for, and hopefully have had at some point (and still do).

The John Duke Team doesn’t sell houses. We sell HOMES – that one special place that is yours and yours alone. Whether you are a young couple, a single man or woman, a growing family, or empty nesters, we want to make sure you you purchase the home that suits your needs. Our goal is to treat you like family and to walk you through the process of buying a home with ease.

It’s not just what we do. It’s who we are.

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