To Stage or Not to Stage

I run across this issue all the time.  We all live in our homes and we are all comfortable in our homes as we should be. However, when  you are selling your home, it needs to become a house.  Some of my clients have learned the lesson the hard way.  It might cost $350.00 on the high end to hire a good  professional stager.  It is the best money spent as you will typically receive higher offers (which translates to more money in your pocket).  I am a consumer just like everyone else.   When I purchase a home or a car, I want it to be in good condition. I want it to be clean and it has to feel right. Having a good, tidy staged home (and one that is well maintained) will bring top dollar every time and will set you apart from the competition.

7 top reasons we should stage:

  • The house will sell quicker
  • The house will sell at a higher price
  • The house will appear larger in most cases
  • All the builders do it because it works
  • Less clutter is better
  • It is strategic
  • It works

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