stage your kitchen to sell

Stage Your Kitchen to Sell

If you’re considering listing your home, the most important room is the kitchen. Therefore, you need to stage your kitchen to sell. Come on – be honest. How many of you search for the kitchen photos first when looking at home photos? If the kitchen isn’t updated, or too small, or has outdated appliances, do you pass on the house?

stage your kitchen to sell

So, let’s take a look at how you can attract buyers to your home. Perhaps all you need is a little staging to entice that “on the fence” buyer to purchase your home over someone else’s.

Here’s a few tips and suggestions to stage your kitchen to sell

Declutter  and clean the counter.

You don’t need to display everything you use. Put away the toaster. Store the blender in the cabinet. Place the spices in the cabinet or pantry. Or, put them on a nice, neat Lazy Susan so that they’re organized. The idea is to make the kitchen appealing, to show that there is counter space available and usable. If you have everything out then that can make the kitchen appear small and disorganized.

Keep your kitchen presentable. Clean the countertop of all debris (like crumbs, sticky spots, and try to remove stains, if possible).

Let me repeat. KEEP IT CLEAN ALL THE TIME. Yes, it may be difficult, but it’s the first place to get dirty and the hardest to keep clean.  But, it really matters.

Let me also suggest that you scrub the cabinet doors. Make the kitchen presentable and spotless. If the kitchen is dirty, the rest of the home will feel that way, too. Don’t ask me, but a clean kitchen represents a clean home.

By the way, clean the stove and oven. These can get so nasty with burnt dinners (perhaps I’m speaking from experience) but it’s extremely important to remember these two things as well.

stage your kitchen to sell

Make it inviting.

Once your counters are decluttered and clean, add a few things that make sense. It’s the little homey touches that draw people in. Consider the following:

  • Add a fruit bowl with pretty fruit (if the fruit is bruised or browning, remove it. Better yet, eat the fruit and just replenish as necessary.)
  • Containers that hold a few cooking utensils (spatulas, ladles, etc.)
  • Maybe a cookbook or two

The key is to not clutter it up so be very selective with your accessories. Make it cute. Make it homey. Make it inviting. Keep it clean and organized.

Organize the Pantry

People are nosy and buyers are especially so. They want to see how big the pantry is and if it will hold all their food stuff. So, organize the pantry. Get rid of things you won’t eat or are outdated. Line up the boxes, stack the cans, put like items with like items. Consider investing in a few pantry organizers and containers to make it look clean, organized, efficient, and bigger than it may be.

Update Where Necessary

Don’t go hog wild and crazy if you can’t afford it. But, if you have outdated hardware, consider replacing the knobs and handles.

Maybe the cabinets are dingy. Consider painting them. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way to brightening a kitchen.

Get Rid of Refrigerator Magnets

I know. I know. Your kids are beautiful. Your dogs are precious. Your friends ROCK. However, the idea is to keep it clean and organized so that BUYERS can see THEMSELVES in this home … not you, not your friends, not your family. It sounds harsh and I’m sorry if it’s coming across that way, but the point is to make buyers appreciate the home and what it has to offer. Let’s keep the palate clean (so to speak) so that they can envision themselves in this awesome space.


These are just a few tips. There are many other things to consider, but this is a good, reasonable start. Ask your agent if you need to do anything else to do to stage your kitchen to sell.

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