Request a free market analysis of your home. It’s important to know what your home could sell for in the current market. One of the best selling tools of any home is the price (the other two are location and condition). A complete and accurate market analysis is based on homes similar to yours (location, size, age, condition) that have recently sold in your neighborhood and in your area. 

In addition to a market analysis, we can also provide you net sheets based on a few sales prices, minus what you owe and closing costs, to give you an estimate of what you’ll get in your pocket at closing.

Seller’s Blog. Check out all the tips, suggestions, and market conditions to consider when putting your home on the market. Be prepared.

We want to give you a free copy of our Seller Guide,Things to Consider When Selling Your House. This guide will answer many questions you may have as you consider putting your home on the market.

Reviews – Get to know The John Duke Team through the words of the home buyers that they’ve helped over the past decade.

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