Real Estate Adventures

Real estate adventures happen every day, whether we’re showing homes, hosting open houses, talking to clients on the phone, or reaching out to someone new to say, Hey!

Last week I had the opportunity to show homes in Burnet, Texas and let me just say … it’s beautiful country. Texas truly is God’s country. Seriously.

real estate adventures

Out of the three homes I showed, all were close to the water. The first was one block off the water – a simple A-frame home that you had to walk up a spiral staircase just to get to the front door. But, standing on the front balcony we had a full view of the lake. Relaxing. Beautiful….and very quiet.

From there we traveled the back roads to Park Road 4, basically following the lake shoreline. Stunning.

Fast forward to the final home and low and behold my cell phone is out of range and this is the one home that has an ABOR lockbox, which requires reception to activate the ekey. Great. I reached out to the listing agent and didn’t hear back from her. Ten minutes later I had a bright idea. Using my client’s phone hotspot, we connected my phone to her hotspot and voila! I had the ability to open the lockbox and we could view the home.

real estate adventures

Real estate adventures are always going to happen. Just so you know … the John Duke Team is all about working with clients in any given situation to make the deal happen, whether that’s opening a home, driving across the Texas Hill Country, or simply answering questions. We’re available for our clients and we want them to have the answers they need when they need them. And yes, we can get creative when we need to. 🙂

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