Problems Selling Your Home?

It’s common for For Sale By Owner (FSBO) homes to encounter problems in the market. Here are a few of the things to look for and potential remedies for those

  • Overpriced – New market analysis, lower price
  • Price reductions too little, too late– New market analysis, significantly lower price below the next price break or two
  • New competition since property listed – New market analysis, lower price, offer incentives
  • Builder competition – New market analysis, offer upgrades competitive with builder
  • Difficult to show, not readily accessible – Use lockbox and readjust showing hours if necessary
  • Glutted or slow market – Adjust pricing and offer incentives
  • Property has become shopworn – Add new photos, offer incentive, inform area realtors
  • Many showings but no offers – Reduce price
  • Offers forthcoming but not consummated – Re-examine counters and adjust to offers
  • Condition (maintenance problems) – Freshen up and review ways to improve
  • Condition (major problems) – Rehab as necessary—new carpet, paint
  • Cosmetic allowances have not enticed offer – Rehab as necessary—remove allowance
  • Location not desirable – Compensate with price adjustment
  • Property showcased poorly – Hire staging professional or ask realtor for suggestions
  • Property not being shown – Make property more accessible with lockbox
  • Pets (odor, soil, and intimidation) – Deodorize carpet, cage pets when not home
  • Neighbors or neighborhood – Counsel with neighbors regarding interference and condition of their properties
  • External influence (new highway, etc.) – Adjust price, gather accurate data, and prepare fact sheets
Information provided by the Texas Association of Realtors

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