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Killeen Living: Texas License to Carry

Yesterday we had the privilege of taking the Texas License to Carry course provided by Texas License 2 Carry. Our class met in a private room at Rosa’s Cafe in Killeen. Led by instructor, Damon Cross, we went through an engaging 4.5 hour class followed by a shooting test at a private range in Killeen.

texas license to carry

I have to admit, I was very nervous taking this course – not so much for the classroom studies, but more for the shooting test. I have little experience with a pistol, although we do go to a shooting range to practice. They are very different from rifles and are a bit intimidating.

The course itself, as I mentioned, takes 4.5 hours. Mr. Cross was extremely professional in his approach and delivery and very respectful of the class participants. He led us through the material, “what if” scenarios, and real-life situations. He is ex-military and certified by the state of Texas to teach this course, but also certified by the NRA. He has a passion for guns and gun safety – both of which are very evident in his class and teaching style.

The class itself consists of state laws, weapon safety, numerous definitions, and more, followed by a 25-question test at the end. It was all very informative and the test wasn’t difficult. There were a few tricky questions, but for the most part it wasn’t bad.

The $65 fee (per person) covered the course, range fee, and lunch.  Mr. Cross also offers additional products for purchase (like eye and ear safety equipment, branded t-shirts, hats, and other merchandise). Johnny and I both ordered t-shirts that say “God, Guns, and Good Times”. Pretty good motto, right?

At the shooting range we were to bring 50 rounds, our pistol, and one clip. Mr. Cross told us exactly what to do and when to do it. He was patient and kind (no yelling at all), and safety was of the utmost importance.

Overall, if you’re looking for a course/instructor to take your License to Carry class, I highly recommend Damon Cross with Texas License 2 Carry. Everyone passed (yay!) and although it took some time, we know exactly what we need to do to finish the licensing and I feel very comfortable going forward.

Texas license to carry

If you’re interested in getting your own license to carry, contact Damon at:

Texas License 2 Carry

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