it's a wonderful life

It’s a Wonderful Life

We kicked off our Christmas season yesterday here at the house by watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.” My son, James, and I watch it every year. I think we’re the only two in the house who love to watch it. The Christmas season just doesn’t seem complete if we don’t watch it though.

James is getting ready to graduate and move off to north Texas for his first job, and it means the world to me that he wants to sit down with his ol’ mom and enjoy this movie with me. It’s our little tradition and one I’m hoping we’ll continue each Christmas season (and maybe one he’ll pass on to his own children some day).

It hit me this year how much this movie is about real estate, about helping families find their dream home…or fulfilling the dream of home ownership for the first time. Peter Bailey, George’s father, gives him a bit of wisdom and his take on their Building and Loan company:

You know, George, I feel in a small way we are doing something important, satisfying a fundamental urge. It’s deep in the race for a man to want his own roof and walls and fireplace. And we’re helping him get those things…

Truth be told, this is what I feel about how we sell real estate. It’s not about about the money for us. It’s about helping people (families, individuals, couples) fulfill that “fundamental urge” that Mr. Bailey mentions. That’s what we do. He hit the nail on the head. I’d never heard this quote before and then it just hit me like a 2×4 across the head.

We don’t loan money and we’re not a bank, but we are facilitating the dream of home ownership. How cool is that? Yes, it’s a big financial purchase (probably the largest for most people), but more than that it’s assisting someone purchase their own roof, walls, and fireplace.

It’s a wonderful life – it truly is. We’re blessed to help others. In the process, we make new friends who feel like family. And for that we are truly thankful.

From our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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