Helping Hands Ministry Food Drive

Did you know that most food banks get low on food reserves during the spring and summer months (especially the summer)? They are inundated with food donations during the holiday season when businesses and individuals feel the need to share and donate to the food banks. It’s all part of the giving thanks and giving back. I think that’s awesome. It really is a great time to think of others. But, we really need to consider others during the rest of the year as well.

helping hands ministry food drive

In light of that, The John Duke Team sponsored a food drive in Belton’s Liberty Valley neighborhood for Helping Hands Ministry in Belton, Texas.

Never having organized a food drive, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but wow – this neighborhood really pitched and surprised us. We delivered bags to 168 houses and picked up 34 PACKED bags. Our Toyota Sequoia was loaded down with the bags and our family.

We slowly drove down each street and were so excited to see the bags on the doorsteps. It was like Christmas in March.

Helping Hands Ministry Food Drive
Look at all those donations!!!

It was just awesome. Our team’s motto is “Love Your Neighbor”, just as Jesus calls us to do and in this way, we were able to work with our neighbors to collect food for those in need. To me, there is no greater work than that which our Lord calls us to do.

We delivered the food today and these are the sweet ladies who accepted our neighborhood’s donations. What a blessing to be able to help others in our community.

helping hands ministry food drive
Sarah, Alice and Brittany from Helping Hands Ministries

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