Frugal Tips to Attract More Buyers

Real EstateIn today’s economy, every little bit of help is needed to sell your home. Here are a few tips that I have gathered over the years.

Spruce Up Your Walls
A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color sets the tone for potential home buyers to picture themselves in your home.

Try removing the clutter in your home – from desks, corners, counter tops, etc. It opens up your home and allows the potential buyer to see themselves in your home.

Bright flowers and new mulch in flower beds adds instant curb appeal. A well-manicured lawn (mowing, edging, etc.) can sharpen the outside appearance of your home. In addition, try bringing flower arrangements inside to help brighten the interior.

Scrub, Polish and Shine
Take the time to thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom. If you don’t have the time, hire a maid for a day. Really make your home shine!

Empty the Closets
This is part of de-cluttering your home, but closets that are well-organized can help potential buyers get a true idea of how big your closets may be. If they are filled to the brim with old clothes, unused sports equipment, etc., then they may never see the closet’s full potential. If you have the money, you may go one step farther and put in a closet organization system.

Remember, the goal is to sell your house. Remove any family pictures, mementos, and family heirlooms. Some buyers have a problem with viewing their belongings in your home if they see your pictures on the walls.

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