Checklist to Prepare Your Home for a Successful Open House

Checklist to Prepare Your Home for a Successful Open House

Today we have a special guest blog written by Suzie Wilson, Interior Designer, Author, and Creator of Check out Checklist to Prepare Your Home for a Successful Open House.

Checklist to Prepare Your Home for a Successful Open House

Whether home inventory is high or low in your area, buyers want to get the most for their money. Follow these open house tips to whip your home into shape, impress buyers, and get the best price for your home:

  • Tackle minor repairs like broken tiles or windows, cracked driveways, torn screening, water stains, ripped carpets, missing shingles, leaky faucets, doors that don’t close properly, and drawers that jam.
  • Replace burnt-out lightbulbs and worn rugs.
  • Spruce up walls with a fresh coat of paint (neutrals work best).
  • Depersonalize and declutter. It’s ridiculously easy to accumulate “stuff.” Conduct an inventory of everything you have. If an item hasn’t been used in a year or more, do you still need it? Consider donating, selling, or tossing. Think of this process as the precursor to packing up to move.
  • Clean and organize all closets, shelves, and other storage space because buyers snoop. Store excess stuff somewhere other than your home.
  • Rotate canned goods so labels face the same direction, and stack dishes neatly. Turn mugs so all handles face out. Sort out the junk drawer and organize the linen closet.
  • Stage your house by creating a focal point for each room. Pick a piece of furniture, like a chair or couch, and orient other furniture around it. Think creatively to repurpose items. For instance, use a steamer trunk as a coffee table or vintage dresser as a hall table. Check out these 18 home-staging tips.
  • Give each room a purpose. If you have a room you use as storage, stage it as a reading nook or home office.
  • Create a photo board that showcases your property during different seasons.
  • Make your home sparkle inside and out! Hire a cleaning service if you’re less than meticulous. If you don’t mind DIY, use this cleaning checklist to make sure you don’t miss something critical:
    • Wash windows and screens.
    • Polish chrome faucets and mirrors, brass fixtures, and light switches.
    • Bleach dingy grout.
    • Dust and wash ceiling fan blades, air returns, ducts, A/C units, and floorboards.
    • Wax and polish hardwood floors.
    • Power wash the sidewalks, driveway, deck, fence, and your home’s exterior.

Don’t neglect curb appeal

Save energy and some of your budget to tackle your home’s exterior. If you don’t put effort into sprucing it up, it can cost you a sale and drive down your home’s perceived value. Why?

  • It’s the first thing buyers see, and poor curb appeal turns off some buyers.
  • It reflects the care you put into your home’s maintenance.
  • It helps your home stand out from the competition.

Staging experts recommend taking time to view your home through the eyes of someone seeing it for the first time. What’s your first impression of the home and yard? What are your home’s best and worst exterior features?

Open house day

As you count down to the day of your open house, use this handy checklist to plan each step, from scheduling the event, to preparations to make a week and several days before potential buyers begin their tours. On the day of your open house:

  • Board your pets or ask a friend or relative to keep them for you.
  • Open curtains and windows (weather permitting) to let the fresh air and sunshine in.
  • Keep scents natural. A recent NIH study discovered that 30 percent of people find scented products irritating. Skip floral candles or plug-ins. Open the windows and let the fresh air deodorize your home.
  • Close toilet lids.
  • Secure your valuables. Hide checkbooks, private documents, jewelry, gadgets, or other expensive items from sight. When in doubt, take valuables with you.
  • Set the dining room table with your best china and a new tablecloth.

Before holding your open house, be sure to make minor repairs, declutter, organize, and clean thoroughly. And don’t forget to spruce up your curb appeal. By using these tips, you should be able to sell your home in no time.

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