challenges in the home buying process

Challenges in the Home Buying Process

There are many challenges that we see for home buyers, including credit issues, not knowing the buying process, looking at houses that are above their budget, and many more.

John Duke with The John Duke Team and Thomas Hallock with Bank of Texas Mortgage, got together to discuss some of the challenges in the home buying process. Tom includes a few tips on getting approved, suggestions for repairing credit, and more.

This five minute video is a great intro to what you need to be aware of as you start your home buying journey.

Special thanks to Thomas Hallock with Bank of Texas Mortgage for joining us on a series of lender-related videos. If you are in need of a lender or have specific lending questions, you can reach out to Tom here:

Bank of Texas

Tom Hallock
Mortgage Banker
Bank of Texas Mortgage
Office: 512-527-6821

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