• get your house ready to sell this winter

    Get Your House Ready to Sell This Winter

    5 Ways to Get Your House Ready to Sell Some Highlights Winter is a great time to list a house, since inventory is traditionally low, and most sellers are holding off until spring to put their homes on the market. Waiting for warmer weather when more competition is on the market will only put your house up against many more choices for buyers. Get your house ready to sell now with quick and easy fixes that make a big impact.

  • 6 reasons to sell your home during the holiday season

    6 Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holiday Season

    (Why Waiting Until After the Holidays to Sell Isn’t a Smart Decision) Every year at this time, many homeowners decide to wait until after the holidays to put their homes on the market for the first time, while others who already have their homes on the market decide to take them off until after the holidays. Here are six great reasons not to wait: Relocation buyers are out there. Companies are not concerned with holiday time and if the buyers have kids, they want them to get into school after the holidays. Purchasers that are looking for a home during the holidays are serious buyers and are ready to buy.…

  • Home are Selling Quickly (Infographic)

    Homes Are Selling Quickly [INFOGRAPHIC] Some Highlights: The National Association of REALTORS® surveyed their members for the release of their Confidence Index. The REALTORS® Confidence Index is a key indicator of housing market strength based on a monthly survey sent to over 50,000 real estate practitioners. Practitioners are asked about their expectations for home sales, prices, and market conditions. Across the country, homes are selling quickly, in an average of just 31 days. 49% of homes sold in less than a month.

  • 2011 North Madison Court, Belton, TX

    2011 North Madison Court is a quaint but roomy 1894 sq. ft., three bed, two bath home located in Liberty Valley, Belton, TX. Less than ten minutes away from restaurants, stores, and shops, North Madison is a great location to live in!

  • 1936 Bold Sundown Dr, Leander, TX

    1936 Bold Sundown Dr. is an elegant yet cozy home situated in Crystal Falls, Leander. Three beds, two and a half baths, with an open floor concept makes this 3230 sq. ft. home feel massive. At least fifteen minutes away from nearby restaurants, stores, and shops, Bold Sundown is prime selection.

  • 23 Golden Poppy

    SOLD! 23 Golden Poppy – Morgan’s Point

    Living in Morgan’s Point has many benefits … lake living, smaller community on the outskirts of Belton, plus it’s in close proximity to Belton, Harker Heights, Killeen, and Temple. If you’re considering making a move out of a larger city (like Austin), consider 23 Golden Poppy in Morgan’s Point. Price: $165,000 3 bedrooms 2 baths 1520 sq ft New carpet and paint within the last 12 months Stove and microwave are less than a year old Cute wood tile floor in the main living area Wooded property Minutes to Belton Lake For more information about 23 Golden Poppy, email us at johnduketeam@gmail.com or call Meredith Duke, the listing agent, at…

  • get the mortgage monkey off your back

    7 Strategies to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

    You’ve probably heard the line, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” We can also flip that to homeownership: with great equity, comes great…mortgage payments. Sixty-six percent of Americans have a mortgage, and chances are, you may be one of them! Owning a home is one of the best things you can do to build equity and wealth, and paying off the mortgage comes with the territory in most cases. This month, you’ll find some strategies to help you pay off your home early. Even if you implement one or two, you could find yourself on the fast-track to owning your home outright. If you have questions about your own mortgage…

  • 2018 tax season

    2018 Tax Season is here

    It rolls around every year and every year it seems there are changes in the tax laws. Well, this 2018 tax season is no different. Take a look at this quick break down for what’s happening to your taxes. There are many things we can do to get ready for tax season. Here’s a .pdf that explains a little more about how to prepare for the 2018 tax season, whether you’re ready for it or not! Hope this info is helpful. If you have any questions or need a CPA or accountant, I have a few names I can send your way. Just let me know! Shoot us an email…

  • Texas Veterans Land Board

    Texas Veterans Land Board

    The Texas Veterans Land Board (TVLB) is a great resource and option for Texas vets to purchase land or a home. This is a really great program for those who do not have a lot of money to put down on property. Normally, when purchasing land, lenders require 20% down. But, the Texas Veterans Land Board affords vets the ability to purchase land with as little as 5% down. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using the TVLB as your lender: They are very stringent as to the condition of the property. For example, it has to have an all-weather road (if it is not located…

  • Checklist to Prepare Your Home for a Successful Open House

    Checklist to Prepare Your Home for a Successful Open House

    Today we have a special guest blog written by Suzie Wilson, Interior Designer, Author, and Creator of Happierhome.net. Check out Checklist to Prepare Your Home for a Successful Open House. Whether home inventory is high or low in your area, buyers want to get the most for their money. Follow these open house tips to whip your home into shape, impress buyers, and get the best price for your home: Tackle minor repairs like broken tiles or windows, cracked driveways, torn screening, water stains, ripped carpets, missing shingles, leaky faucets, doors that don’t close properly, and drawers that jam. Replace burnt-out lightbulbs and worn rugs. Spruce up walls with a fresh coat…