Boost curb appeal during a drought

Boost Curb Appeal During a Drought

Need great curb appeal? ¬†Drought got you down? Boost curb appeal during a drought while your neighbors’ lawns turn crunchy.

Boost curb appeal during a drought

Many parts of the country have been in and out of drought over the past few years. A good way to prepare for future droughts is to plan ahead. Check out these tips on how to boost curb appeal during a drought:

  • Xeriscape. What in the world is xeriscape? It’s a term that means to plant vegetation that is drought tolerant and therefore doesn’t need a lot of water on a regular basis. Plants and trees great for xeriscaped yards include Texas sage, cactus, redbud trees, crepe myrtles, mountain laurel, yaupon and burford hollies, and so many other varieties. For a full list, feel free to check out Xeriscape Texas Native Plants by Austin Native Landscaping.
  • Get rid of sod. That’s right. Get rid of sod. It’s a water guzzler. Well, at least many varieties are. If you don’t want to get rid of grass entirely, then try a variety that’s less of a water hog like bermuda. Many people prefer St. Augustine, but it’s a water hog – like cedar trees. And, if you want a completely different alternative, try pea gravel and stone pavers – create a beautiful landscape with little to no grass at all.
  • Mulch, mulch, mulch. If you have flower beds, maintain those pretty buds and flowers with at least 3-4 inches of mulch. It helps to retain water which means you have to water less (and it doesn’t evaporate as quickly as non-mulched areas during the Texas heat).


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